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The BAE Systems Taranis is a British demonstrator programme for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) technology. A semi-autonomous unmanned warplane, it is designed to fly intercontinental missions, and will carry a variety of weapons, enabling it to attack both aerial and ground targets. It will furthermore utilise stealth technology, giving it a low radar profile, and it will be controllable via satellite link from anywhere on Earth. The Strategic Unmanned Air Vehicles (Experiment) Integrated Project Team, or SUAV(E) IPT, is responsible for auditing and overseeing the project. The aircraft, which is intended to demonstrate the viability of unmanned multi-role systems, is named after the Celtic god of thunderTaranis.

Although the aircraft is still in development phase, the latest specifications which are publicly available are as follows:
  • Height: 4 metres (13 ft)
  • Length: 11.35 metres (37.2 ft)
  • Wingspan: 9.1 metres (30 ft)
  • Weight: 8 tonnes (18,000 lb)
  • Range: Intercontinental
  • Engine thrust: 6,480 lb

Taranis Infographic

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